Welcome to The Red Pill Dad

Welcome to The Red Pill Dad

Good morning, and welcome to the launch of my new blog!

The Red Pill Dad, as the title suggests, is a blog not only about my observations in life as a single father, but also as a Red Pill aware man navigating this life.

My blog is designed to help me catalogue my journey, but also to help other men in similar situations confront the real (sometimes bitter) truth about inter-gender dynamics.

How do you interact with women as a single dad?  How do you date as a single dad in this day and age?  What successes have you had?  What lessons have you learned (or are still learning)?

This blog is intended to be interactive, as I’m always looking for any advice as well as dispensing what I know.

With the Feminine Imperative stronger than ever, men have to be equipped with the best information to not only survive in this environment, but to thrive and succeed.

Thank you and welcome.

-The Red Pill Dad

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