Confessions of an Unplugged Beta

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As an unplugged Red Piller of almost a year now, I can confidently say that I’ve learned an incredible amount of great information from the Manosphere over that time.

Rollo officially opened my eyes, but many others continue to work the Red Pill everyday. Rian Stone, Andrew Tate, Alan Roger Currie, Goldmund, Alexander JA Cortes, Richard Cooper, Hunter Drew, Donovan Sharpe, Anthony Dream Johnson, the list goes on for miles of influences I continue to draw upon for my Red Pill awareness and evolution. Almost all of them are linked in my side bar. I encourage you to check all of them out immediately. The information, products, and services they provide are invaluable to all men.

This latest installment of my blog will explore what happens before the Red Pill, as the stories I tell you here today are actual experiences I have had in my life. One thing that I do as the Red Pill Dad is I try to be as real as I can be. My trials and tribulations as a blue pill beta in the past are 100% factual, and you’ll soon realize why I needed the red pill.

If you feel like you aren’t a Blue Pill, chances are, you probably are. I didn’t think I was for a long time, but as I gradually became unplugged, I realized some of the things I did as a Beta would be fodder for what not to do in Manosphere blogs and forums for years to come.

These stories are an embarrassing admission of how terribly blue pilled I was, and how truly lost men can be without the help of other unplugged men.

These are not only meant to be amusing but also, they are meant to be a warning to any Blue Pill Beta. Unplugging is your best bet to getting the life you want, and we in the Manosphere aren’t just spouting off bullshit, these are real life situations to avoid.

We talk a lot over on the Manosphere about “Killing the Beta“, as Rollo so succinctly puts it. But it’s a serious problem. Thousands of men commit suicide every year because their lives are empty shells, the Beta mindset has taken over, and they feel there’s only one way out. They lash out at a world they don’t understand, all because the Feminine Imperative wishes to have them as breeding stock for the upper hand against masculinity.

You’ve never been told, so you don’t know. So blissfully ignorant of the world built around you, they say you’re not important. You shouldn’t have a say.

Well, we think you should. You should have a huge say in how you live your life. That’s why I do what I do, and that’s why the Manosphere continues to grow. Men want the truth, and they want their lives back.

Red Pill Dad as a Pathetic Beta

So here we go. Here are my stories of beta fails with women, and how staggering the opportunity costs were to my whole life. I’m where I am now because of my life choices as a beta. But I’m also heading in a new direction and I now control my destiny, something I couldn’t have even fathomed some 11 months ago:

  • I first kissed a girl at age 18, after a high school dating career that involved me going with my parents on a date with a girl at 15
  • I got my first blowjob from a drugged up college skank at 21.
  • I had three “girlfriends” in high school, none of which I kissed. I just bought them dinner and we hung out watching TV. I was too shy to make a move.
  • I had oneitis several times. My first oneitis was a girl I had known through mutual friends in middle school and through high school. She friendzoned me immediately, and I still tried to pursue her for over 6 years. During that time, she slept with two of my best friends, and I spent thousands of dollars I didn’t have trying to impress her, even going into over 5k of credit card debt to take her out, and jacking my father’s BMW convertible to try to impress her.
  • In college, I continued the trend. I got oneitis on another girl whom I pursued and tried to hook up with. She slept with my college roommate, with me in the room one night, and bragged that she could trust me as a friend to not watch her do such things with my roommate. Yes, I was a complete sexless loser.
  • Another girl I fell for was barraged with requests from me asking her to go out. She refused. So, instead of nexting her, I prank called her at least 20 times a day. She never knew it was me, but I stalked her cold until my next oneitis. I did this with one other oneitis until she found out it was me and had her boyfriend call me to threaten me.
  • I dated 4 fat girls in college, and never had sex with any of them. Fat girls were the only girls I could get, if any, because I myself was fat, had glasses, and was tepid with women. At 6’4″, 320 lbs, I wasn’t much to look at.
  • I worked at a local restaurant as a busboy for about 3 years while attending college. I caught oneitis for a girl there and came in dressed in a suit and tie with flowers to try and impress her. I had to do dishes that night, so I ruined my outfit, and also never got to sleep with her. But her abusive boyfriend got a good fucking that night.
  • I started to get out of my shell around 2002, dating around a bit. I actually dated a girl for over 6 months, and never kissed her until the very end of our “relationship”.
  • I met my ex-wife of 10 years in 2003. I met her on eHarmony, and as we were both desperate (me to prove I could get laid, and her because her biological clock was on blast), I finally lost my virginity at 27 years of age.
  • My marriage sex lasted about 2 years, then it dwindled down to about once every six months. At the time of my divorce, I had had sex with my wife 6 times between 2010 and 2016. During that time, she let me pay for porn.
  • After my divorce, the blue pill blues continued. I dated a woman I worked with, we had great sex for about three months, then she ended it. I caught oneitis yet again, and went so far as to purchase over $1,000 worth of jewelry and gifts to try to get her back. Needless to say, she was turned off by my neediness.
  • I fell for a server at a local bar and tipped her over $500 on a bill just so she’d sleep with me. As you probably guessed, she didn’t. She had sex with her boyfriend that night, confident she had just fleeced a dumbass of his money. It was when she started hinting that she wanted to buy new furniture for her house to me that I finally got wise (or did I?)
  • I wanted to date a woman with four kids (four fucking kids…I already have two!)
  • I dated a 200 lb female dominatrix and became her sub for about 3 months

Certainly there is more, but you get the general idea of who I was for quite a long time. And while this may seem pretty bad, there is worse going on out there to men just like me. They have no direction, they have no sense of purpose, and they have no way out. But there is a way.

The Red Pill Will Set You Free

Terrifying, isn’t it? As I look back to my past, I wonder how the hell I ever made it as far as I have in as short of a time as I have. While I’m certainly not where I want to be, I’m working towards my goals diligently.

Today, I’m approaching with more regularity. The HB quality of women I hit on has increased dramatically. I don’t let thirst dictate my moves. My life has become mine again, and I’m still fighting everyday. It can be done, I’m living proof of that. I finally have a purpose, and it’s to help others who have been in my situation and need a way out.

There has been a lot of talk on Twitter and in general about the usefulness of being Red Pill aware. For me, it’s been absolutely necessary for me to be unplugged, as the alternative above is about as bad as you can get. The Red Pill has released me from a life spent mindlessly blowing resources for sex I won’t get, careers I won’t have, or money I can’t spend.

There are purple pill gurus, incels, MGTOW, black pill, clear pill etc that continue to criticize the red pill and what it stands for. But there is no other alternative. It’s either the blue pill or the red one.

There is either truth or fiction. That’s it. No amount of watering down or bargaining it off is going to change that.

So, again, if you’re doing any of the above stunts, you’re a blue pilled beta, and you need to unplug now. Your life will not get any better hoping for fiction. It needs a healthy dose of the red pill.

The truth hurts, but it’s still the truth.

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