Bankrolling a Mirage

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Jessy Taylor, an Instagram influencer with over 100,000 followers, had her account banned this week by IG over racial posts and competition reporting her account as spam. She then recorded a hissy fit on YouTube saying that her account being banned was similar to “being murdered”. At 21 years old, she was one of the top influencers on IG.

So what the hell is an influencer? And why is Jessy so upset about losing her account? First of all, an influencer, as defined by, are creators who share content on Instagram, building communities around topics and niches.” In Jessy Taylor’s case, those topics and niches were posted pics of herself in bikinis, said controversial things, and basically raised money doing it by relying on her followers to fund her account. So, in essence, it’s a glorified digitized strip club.

So, when her account was banned, she lost her income. As she said herself, she made over $500,000 from her account, and her trips to Gucci were covered. All for just posting pictures of herself in a bikini and basically being a dumb thot. At least she’s a Sagittarius.

As social media continues to grow and dominate everyone’s lives, we are seeing an increase in girls starting “influencer” accounts where they’re scantily clad, claiming they’re just doing it for clicks. Attention whoring thots are nothing new to the manosphere, but with the advent of the internet, more women are doing it, not only because it gets them the attention they so desperately crave, but also provides a financial windfall for very little work. Look good, take pics, post them, watch the show. But who in the world is providing this money and attention for her?

Well, that would be the focus of today’s blog post. Women crave attention, so in poor Jessy’s case, she’s lost that attention by having her account banned. This is worse than anything that can happen to a woman. When she loses her followers, she loses the attention. She can’t bear to become part of the scenery. And there is a very large segment of her followers that give her that attention.

Who in the world follows a girl like this?

Friends? Nah, she’s so vapid that I’d imagine her female hangers on want to see her fail more than anything. As we know, females don’t like other females.

Family? 100k is a ton of family. Nope.

Men? Yes, but what kind of men? Aye, there’s the rub. She’s being financed by beta orbiters. That is, men who hang on her every IG post, hoping against hope that she’ll choose them if they show their support for her, whether it be monetarily, by white knighting, or by consistently complimenting her on her posts. The eternal hope for these guys is that what they do for her results in a lay, or even better, true love and happiness for the rest of their lives.

Anatomy of an Orbiter

Yes, I was an orbiter. I was a very plugged in orbiter. I’ve orbited most of my 42 years on this planet. So I know first hand what we’re dealing with here. With every IG comment, with every Facebook fan post, orbiters dig deeper and deeper into their insecurities. Believing the myth of the nice guy getting the girl just by saying a heartfelt compliment, fighting for her against any of her doubters, or, in my case, paying money, sometimes large sums, to try and impress them.

Orbiters have very low self esteem. They are plugged into a world of delusion. They believe the Hollywood stories and take them in hook, line and sinker. As the title of this blog post suggests, they believe the mirage because it’s all they’ve been taught by the feminized media. So they throw their whole lives at one girl, hoping that this girl will defy all logic and choose them over all others, simply because they’ve said nice things.

“She has to like me, look how much money I gave her!”

“I told that hater off for her, she has to like me now!”

“I’ve said the nicest compliment, she’s going to go out with me.”

Men will follow a girl on IG, then send comments of compliments, even DMing them these compliments. Some of the more zealous orbiters will send dick pics, just hoping they will notice. They don’t notice, so the orbiter will then lash out at his crush, critical of her not noticing the signs of his love for her. He’ll then find a new follow, and the cycle repeats itself.

What sucks the most about these delusions is that the guy sincerely believes these actions will result in getting the girl, so much so that they will build their whole world around this idea. The dream house is built, he’ll change his life to suit her, he’ll pay any amount of money to get her to notice him. But she doesn’t ever come? Why?

Men think logically. Women consistently defy logic. It’s a shitshow for any man hoping that 1 +1 will equal 2 in the feminine mind. It will never happen. But men will spend thousands upon thousands of dollars trying to beat the odds. And they’re left with no money, heartbroken, with disastrous consequences of self harm, harm to their crush, or harm to other innocents lurking when their dream is not fulfilled.

Retraining Your Brain

So my own experiences as an orbiter have been detailed a bit in my blog posts. My soft spot was for female servers. I would tip huge amounts in order to impress them, and it would do the exact opposite. So my understanding came at the expense of thousands of dollars in wasted money, hoping against hope that these thots would see the light and come home with me. It happened with oneitis’s that I had courted even after they had told me they weren’t interested. My friends and family tried to warn me. But it never sunk in. I kept trying to do the same things with women. And time after time, it wasn’t happening, but I finally had sense enough to try and crawl out of the hole, as opposed to doubling down and seeing the same old results with women.

As my old posts have shown, what finally broke me out of this pathetic cycle was when the women I was tipping started commenting about how they’d like new houses, cars, etc, and were hinting at me helping to pay for those things. I felt betrayed, but by myself. It took this shock to my system to get me to think about what the hell I was doing. I was tired of the cycle. I didn’t like where this ride was going, and I wanted to get off. So it was time to pull myself out and unplug.

But other men still don’t have this luxury. They’re still plugged into this mirage.

So how can you, as a plugged in orbiter, begin to take back your life.

Stop Being an Orbiter

The first thing I always say to these men following influencers, spending money on women that aren’t theirs, or white knighting is the truth that stings the most.

“It’s never going to happen.”

Say it again, “It’s never going to happen.”

No matter how much money you throw at her, no matter how many compliments you comment on, no matter how many times you come to her defense, she’ll NEVER see you as anything more than an orbiter from which she can exploit cash and prizes. You’re following a mirage, and you’re hoping to make it real. It won’t ever be real. It just won’t.

The next thing I tell these men is to stop all social media. The urge to comment is a large one, and by not having access to those attention whoring thots, you’re giving yourself a chance at a real life, with real girls.

And look at what happens when you stop following an IG girl. Look what happens when she loses the attention she so desperately craved. You get Jessy Taylor, crying to YouTube about her loss of self. Her whole life was her IG account. Her whole life was her orbiters. She equated it with murder. It’s not even close.

As you literally unplug from social media, you’ll start to see your life in real time, and you’ve taken the first step to unplugging from this disingenuous world.

The last thing I would say to any man who orbits to drive home my point of this behavior is that the bottom line for any IG influencer, Facebook thot, or any other pedestalized woman is that “they don’t give a fuck about you.”

They are there for your attention and your money. They will never give you the relationship you want, you are following a mirage. They just don’t care about what you are doing. They don’t give a fuck.

So, with this new knowledge in hand, you can begin to unplug and take your life back. If I can get at least one man to put down the phone and pick up his life, it’s worth it to me. But the manosphere needs to reach the millions of men making these women famous, and unplug them.

I would love nothing more than to see all the Jessy Taylor’s of the world crying their eyes out because their meal tickets have checked out, and now these men are putting their money and their time on the most important thing, themselves.

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