Stories from the Dating Front – May 2019 Edition

So, my approaches continued from last month. Let’s look at the big board:

  • 27 approaches
  • 6 numbers
  • 17 said they had boyfriends / husbands
  • Avg age of approach was 29, youngest was 22, oldest was 42
  • All were between HB 6 and 8
  • Majority of this month’s numbers were procured during business networking events.
  • Took advice from some of my follows on Twitter and changed my environments (fishing in a different pond, so to speak)
  • 0 Tinder Matches / 1 Bumble Match
  • 6 date setups, 2 flakes, 4 dates
  • 0 sexual encounters

May was a very tepid month as I’ve been busy with work and kids winding up school. I was able to go to several networking events at places considered to be a daygamer’s dream, large pubs / bars frequented by thousands of professionals every day. The lion’s share of my approaches came during these events, and I’d rapidly increased my cold approaches.

Networking Approaches – Part 1

We start with a networking session at a very large and popular bar / club in the city. I was able to attend for about three hours and this is where the majority of my numbers / successes came from. 2 numbers were gained from cold approaches alone, and 3 others came from talking to staff / bartenders / servers, etc.

My goals were simple. Talk to as many attractive women as I could in the time allotted, and I was able to do that 10 girls in just over 3 hours.

I got IOI’s from a few, but even if I got just a quick glance, I would approach and start conversing. I have had success using several good pickup stances, like exploring her likes / dislikes, hopes, dreams, keeping her off guard. Negging has been very successful.

This night was probably my most successful to date, as I procured the majority of my dates with the women I met here.

I knew the good vibes probably wouldn’t last…

Networking Approaches – Part 2 – Bitch Shields Activated

So the bigger of the two events happened just last night. This was the largest networking event I had been to, with over 500 business professionals in one of the biggest bars in my town.

However, the majority of the professionals were not my cup of tea, so I left the networking area and decided to camp around the bar for approaches.

I did all cold approaches. No IOI’s.

And my second approach? Bitch Shield x 1000.

She was near the bar, looked like a local, so I made the mistake of asking what was good here. Instant and utter disbelief. She had snapped.

I couldn’t tell if she was drunk or on drugs, but she instantly raised her voice at me saying I was trying to hit on her. And while she was a decent 7, her instability instantly put me in flight. Most of the bar noticed, and I got some “sorry” looks because apparently I had just hit on the bar psycho.

Not ironically, this girl who had so blatantly bitch shielded me was the same one being a complete and total jackass at the bar later on that night. She had lost her car keys, and the bar staff weren’t taking kindly to her treatment of them. So off she went, and my concerns were sated.

My energy was good. As I stated on my Twitter Live feed, I felt good. I had eye contact, posture, and my devilish smile on full display. I felt like the approaches were genuine, and when I could tell it wasn’t working, or I wasn’t getting where I would have liked to, I would shut off or at least get a number.

After being petrified of women most of my life, it was finally good to go to a place with hundreds of people, and be totally relaxed and engaged. I was analyzing the room, checking IOI’s, body language cues, etc, and it felt very good to get that vibe down. As I approach more and more, that vibe will only get better.

All in all, it was a decent month. June’s report won’t be as good, simply because I will be going on vacation in the middle of the month, but I will be doing more cold approaches.

Will have a full blog post coming out this weekend.

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