Beckett Drives # 13 – Online Safety and Responsible Social Media Use for Kids

As a father, I have a responsibility to protect my kids, not only in life, but online.

Monitoring and checking on their computer and social media use is an important part of any parent’s job to raise a child.

Don’t let your kids get involved in social media unless they know how to use it responsibly.

And always monitor what they’re doing online, because bad things happen, and the more you know what your kids are up to, the better position you’ll be to address these issues.

The Enemy Within

In a tragic story this week, 17 year-old Instagram e-girl Bianca Devins was brutally murdered by a crazed fan in Upstate New York. 21 year old Brandon Andrew Clark was charged with second degree murder of Ms. Devins, but the circumstances of this particular story shed some light on a topic that needs to be of serious concern, the White Knight and Beta Orbiter.

The accused was one of many men who “orbited” Ms. Devins by way of her IG account. A “beta orbiter” in this case, are men who have an unhealthy attraction to a woman. They do not register sexually to that woman, and some examples of their many traits are either they are unattractive, socially awkward, or both.

So they “orbit”, praising her with compliments, doing things to try to get her attention, all while hoping she will choose them, over tens, hundreds, thousands, or millions of other men, because only they truly “love” her.

What this post is going to focus on is the intrinsic link between beta orbiters, incels, and white knights. Incidents like the one we’ve just witnessed won’t be the last, unless we do something about the growing number of men who are sexually frustrated by being the beta orbiter / white knight / incel. If we don’t address these issues, all we’re waiting on is the powder keg to be lit.

I Dub Thee “Captain Save-A-Hoe”

So what is this White Knight Syndrome?

To put it as succinctly as I can, a “White Knight”, especially online, tries to take a woman’s side of an argument or viewpoint, and make it his own.

But, he is not doing it because he agrees with her.

He is doing it because he thinks that by taking her side, being nice and supportive, and coming to her rescue, she will be intimate with him.

Captain Save A Hoe, you’ve been dubbed.

White knights have a knack for trying to rescue damsels in distress, regardless of how messed up it may potentially make their own lives. But what drives these men to make such disastrous decisions, completely negating their own self interest?

One word: Sex.

Men in feminist or women dominated spheres are told to suppress their sexual urges, because men should be able to control themselves. They WOULD, but they certainly haven’t been taught how to. Most rely on porn, e-girls, and other on-line tools to try and manage their thirst. But was we know, porn is terrible for a man, and it only increases his sexual frustrations. So instead of encouraging men to act healthy with their sexuality, they’re shamed and made to feel broken, which is far from the truth.

So instead of expressing their sexuality in a healthy manner, they are forced to try to use covert methods in order to gain female approval and maybe, sex, but rescuing or fighting for a woman whom they have an attraction for.

Or, they “orbit” that particular female, showering her with compliments, hoping to make himself stand out to her, only to be one of thousands of thirsty betas hoping that one comment to her, just one, will bring her to them and fulfill their wildest dreams.

But, these men are so sexually frustrated, so misled on how to handle and control their thirst, that when their well thought out master plan fails and he sees her with another guy, they enrage, and some commit violent acts like the ones we saw in Utica, NY. These men are sick and need help, but we need to acknowledge this problem first.

Want to stop the problem? Help the guys before they become like this.

Similarities in Incel, White Knight, and Beta Orbiter Behavior

Incels, white knights, and beta orbiters have some similarities, and it’s not surprising that as soon as some beta orbiters take the red pill, they turn very dark very quickly, especially if their crush continues to deny them what they feel they deserve, sex.

All three feel they deserve sex from a woman for their actions to “save” them, defend them, or be nice to them. All three are trying to put their perceived uniqueness to attract their crushes, but find out very quickly that they aren’t unique, so they attempt to completely change themselves to fit her perfect man mold, completely losing themselves in the process. It’s about getting with her, and only getting with her.

But what happens when these men dedicate their entire lives to worshiping this woman, whom they don’t even know, and she decides she’s found a boyfriend? Seething contempt, regret for wasting his time, and anger at her for not choosing him.

Incels take this to even more dangerous levels by encouraging violence against women.

But there’s a trend where incels are directly breeding from beta orbiter camps, especially with resentment, self loathing, and blame. And you’re going to see more if the trend continues.

While incels are “involuntarily celibate”, orbiters and knights are voluntarily celibate, often holding off on sex with any women, unless she’s the one he’s pedastalizing. This results in more time watching porn, his crush on an IG channel or live stream, or breaking their celibacy for shallow sexual encounters that bring him no closer to securing that girl of his dreams. White knights will do everything in their power to show that girl that they are here to help, going so far as to abandon everything the believe for a chance to show her who they are, and save her from the mob.

All of these have the same common denominator, and innate weakness in men. They don’t have the tools to handle this weakness, and they are further shamed when they do admit they do have it. Even acknowledging that they need sex is met with skepticism and ridicule, so it’s no wonder men like these are having the issues they’re having.

Weak Ass Men

Weakness is the bottom line here. We aren’t teaching or empowering men to make a positive change in their lives, we’re encouraging them to continue to use crutches when they can clearly walk with their own two feet.

When it comes to men’s own sexuality, acceptance of who they are, what biology has given them, and removing the stigmas of “toxic” natures of this sexual appetite would go a long way to men getting out of this pattern.

But it has to start with the man, his environment, and his tendencies, and most importantly, his own actions.

Regardless of what society is doing to empower or disenfranchise men, it still boils down to PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

Blaming societal norms for the problematic societal behaviors showcased in this post doesn’t let you off the hook. Nothing does.

Men still willingly participate in behaviors detrimental to their own goals and purposes.

So we as men, need to teach these lost souls how to be better than their thirst, more than their sexuality. Most men are boiled down to what’s in their pants, and don’t know that they can become much more than that with help from institutions, organizations, and peers that emphasize positive masculinity and acceptance.

But society needs to stop pushing the false narrative that “all men are potential rapists” and scapegoating men for their biological urges. This demonizes them for simply being men. Toxic masculinity to feminists is ALL things masculine. Women use misrepresented statistics to induce fear among their colleagues, simply stating that any man will rape you at any time. Like an ISIS cell, men are just waiting to be activated to terrorize and brutalize women.

But instead of just focusing on making men better by embracing their traits, feminism requires masculinity to change for the good of the women men love.

Bull spit.

Men are men. Deal with it. Until we can come to grips with the fact that you can’t change anything about biology and address the REAL inherent problems that affect men (and women) everyday (single parent homes, the collapse of the family structure, sexual and physical abuse, etc), you won’t make the problem go away by labeling a group.

And everyone hates generalizations, don’t they?

The Red Pill Dad Podcast – Episode 3 – Live from the Red Pill Brewery with Not So Special Guest Jack Gefferson

So I thought we’d have some fun and get away from the serious topics of the last two episodes, and so I went over to the Red Pill Brewery, connected to the Red Pill Dad Studios and had my good friend Jack Gefferson on for some beers and some man talk.

Completely unedited and unscripted (the “you know’s” fly fast and heavy from me), but it was a nice change of pace from the personal topics I’d covered in the past.

So pull up a chair, pop open a beer, and enjoy our discussion.

It’s 90 minutes you’ll love.

Beckett Drives # 11 – Red Pill Victimization

When men take the red pill, it can be so devastating to their fragile egos that they will go off the reservation, but either staying MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) or worse, incels and misogyny.

The red pill is not misogyny. It never was. It was just about realizing the true nature of women.

But guys get screwed over bad enough that they believe that women are truly evil, and their brains are shot. They need to come back from the brink and get themselves right again, but realizing that not only are women NOT inherently evil, but they are wonderful, complementary creatures meant to strengthen a man’s tribe and purpose.


The Paradigm Shift

I’ve received many questions in the past few months from men who are in the midst of a personal shift, or a “life crisis” as they say, when they are faced with a woman they are either in a relationship with, or are married to, and she has initiated a breakup with them.

What goes through their heads? Well, if you are in the majority of men that this particular scenario happens to, you will have several thoughts.

“Why is this happening?”

“Is she cheating on me?”

“What did I do wrong?”

And finally, and most importantly…

“How can I get her back?”

Over the years, especially over the past 20 years, men have put themselves into the unenviable position of being the more reactive sex when it comes to women breaking up with them. 70% of divorces are initiated by women.

So these men are put on their heels, completely blindsided by a request from the woman they love, to leave what seems to be a “wonderful” marriage.

But every man that comes to me has the same issues. Their belief system of what they were raised on, what their convictions are, and what they’ve been sold by society was wrong, but they can’t let it go. They feel like there’s magic phrase or action they’ll utter to “get her back” and make the perfect marriage or relationship perfect again.

But chances are, it was never exemplary, and the comfort of this relationship made it “seem” ideal.

So, I can draw from my own experiences to tell you a story about this model life that is not model at all. It’s a sham, it’s a ploy, and it can be life shattering, or even worse for some guys, dangerous.

“It’s What You’re Supposed To Do”

In my life, I was told that I had to do certain things as a man. I needed to graduate high school, then college, buy a car, buy a house, get a girlfriend, get married, have kids, and live in a white picket fence life. I fell into the same grind that most guys do. I worked hard as I was younger, got a good paying job, nice car, house, then a girlfriend, and I got married.

As my life transitioned into marriage, I followed a similar pattern. I stopped working out, gained weight, watched more sports and porn (my ex ALLOWED me to pay for porn because sex with me was so bad), my sex life nearly stopped, and it became a mundane, common practice to work, come home, play with the kids, lip service to the wife, then beer, chips, and couch, followed by sleep.

This pattern played out over 10 years. Unhappiness followed in it’s wake, and my kids saw a man who was a shell of who he was. The wide eyed promise of a younger man had been destroyed by the lazy, fat, indifferent man who took his place.

Millions of men are going through this societal timeline, and are struggling or in denial about becoming a man they want to be. Most have given up, relying on social media and other distractions to get them through this boring life. They’ve forgotten to live, but they feel like their life is good, with a wife, kids, and the comfort of the 9-5 rigamarole. So they stay plugged in, because everyone around them, and their friends, are telling them that’s what they are doing. That’s how it’s “supposed to be.”

The Bottom Drops Out

In the midst of this life, something happens. One day, she comes to you, and she wants a divorce. Or you find out she’s cheating on you.

Devastation. This life you’ve been told that you had to build, the life that was promised to be easy and robotic, is now changed forever. She’s unhappy, and you can’t see why.

What happened?

So with these men, now that this bombshell has been dropped, they frantically search for what could have happened, and what they could do to keep the world they knew together. They didn’t have a clue.

Most of these come off of 10-20 years marriages, where the assumption is that everything is good. Everything they were doing was the same as other men who are married. Their families and friends told them what they were doing was right. They followed the blue pill blueprint to the letter.

Why is this happening?

Now that they are questioning their lives, the natural question is: “How can I get her back?”

Some guys, who are in a reactive, unhinged state, will do anything to try to “win” her back. He will try to revert back to the time before marriage, going to workout, changing his life just to make it to the way it once was. He’ll bend over backwards, spend money, adjust his life to suit her. All in the cause to have that life again.

Some men, in the case of adultery by their spouse, will overlook that indiscretion in a vain attempt to hold on to their “perfect” life. Or they will even become polyandrous (or a cuck), allowing their wife to sleep with other men, in a desperate attempt to keep the life they’ve known together in some semblance of the order they were promised. But they MUST keep this life together, because if they don’t, they, as a man, cease to exist. The narrative they were taught would be untrue, and then what do they have?

Some men will make the ultimate choice and end their lives. Suicide rates by men are up to 70% of all suicides in the US. Men who followed the road map that society, their family and their friends promised as an unassailable truth of how to live their life is not correct. So rather than look for the truth, they’ll take their own lives, because this is not how it was “supposed to be.”

The Paradigm Shift

So, men who’ve asked, “How can you get her back?”

You can’t. Don’t try.

All of these success objects you were sold, men, were sold to you as a lie.

You’ve lived in a world where they have a design on how you’re supposed to be, and you’ve fallen for it, now you’re surrounded by the rubble of that “perfect life”. You have to now realize that this was never the ideal life for YOU. It was the life played out by society, family, and friends. YOU weren’t living your life, you were living someone else’s life.

So you need to rebuild, and the worst thing you can do is try to use the rubble of your past life to build a foundation to your new life.

That’s what trying to win back your ex is. It’s trying to rebuild a life from the tattered remains of your old life.

“But how can I get her back?”


There’s a reason she left. There’s a reason she wants out. You left the car in park, hoping it would drive itself.

“What did I do to make her leave?” you ask.

I ask, “What did you do to make her stay?”

Men have been taught that their personal responsibility in relationships is just showing up, working a job, and doing the bare minimum. That line of thinking is quickly going away, because men are now seeing the poisonous fruits blooming from the seeds they’ve planted in the early stages of their “Comfort Marriages.”

You want to blame her for leaving you and your happy life.

I want to blame you for not giving her a reason to stay.

You’re mad because she cheated on you.

I’m mad because you gave her hundreds of reasons to cheat on you.

You’re now trying to fight for your wife, only after she realizes that she’s happier without you.

Where was this fight when you were married, on the recliner, watching Netflix?

Where was this fight when you were PornHubbing because your wife won’t touch you?

Where was this fight when she wanted to talk, and you zoned out?

Men in these predicaments are now realizing what they’ve done, and the lines they were sold are now not holding water. The shift is on.

When men now realize this, they can now empower themselves to make the most of their lives, including and now building (from scratch) their convictions, their purpose, and their new lives. They aren’t beholden to a societal view of life, they are beholden to themselves.

And that’s the new paradigm. And it continues to take a sledgehammer to the old, out of touch, societal paradigm of men in marriage. Men are waking up, but the fight continues everyday to get more men out.

But you can’t get her back. You can’t get your old life back. Accept this new reality, because it’s happening whether you want it to or not. She chose to leave you and what you considered the perfect life. It was far from perfect. Realize that, and move on to creating a new, better life for yourself.

But, if you try to get her back and ignore my advice, you will again be living someone else’s life. It won’t be the same. It will be a sham of a marriage, with her deciding the intimacy rules, initiating again with any man of her choosing, and you, lifeless, supporting her and the family, only because it was the “right” thing to do, to keep the marriage together.

You’re doing a disservice to yourself if you go back, if you BEG her to come back. Where’s your self respect? Where’s your backbone? It’s back where you left it, in the dream world you were promised, by folks who aren’t living YOUR life, but telling you how to live.

She’s not worth it, bro. Leave the past in the past.

Beckett Discusses #1 – Getting Along With Your Ex in a Divorce

As most folks know, in a divorce, especially one that has kids, they suffer when both sides don’t get along.

Betrayal, hurt feelings, and resentment make for a bad time all around.

But as a man, you have to stow your feelings, and move on with the ultimate protection of the kids in mind.

I don’t care what she did. It’s immaterial now as you are getting divorced.

Your love is now dead, now your relationship is a ledger with credits and debits. Your contractual agreement now must be figured out.

And the best way to move forward for both parties, is to act like adults.