Ed Latimore

One of the things that I’m going to start doing is linking some guys in our space that I consider mentors to me in my journey.

And one of the biggest that I follow and learn from is Ed Latimore. He has taught me so much in terms of social skills and having successful habits that I wanted to give him a shout out! I often retweet his sage words as well as his strategies for helping people become better in all facets of their lives.

He has many articles, but one that I have used the most is his take on building a network in 2019. I network a ton, and I’ve used Ed’s information to help me be successful in my business and personal life, as well as my current side hustle.


Ed has some very fascinating insights on network building, but the biggest thing that he states is to “lead with value.” Begging for time with bigger names doesn’t work, you have to develop valuable skills that other people admire, or become successful in your own right, as well as working to become a bigger influence in your desired field.

Ed is a fantastic follow on Twitter (@EdLatimore) and also check out his web site and subscribe to his email list, which I receive on a regular basis with all sorts of awesome advice for being successful.

Click here for his site.

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